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Tenuta Calcababbio

Our family-run vineyard is located in the hamlet of Calcababbio, near Pietra de’ Giorgi, in the heart of the Oltrepo’ Pavese hills; an area of Lombardia renowned for the quality of its wines, its wonderful landscapes and its excellent food.

We grow various types of grape: Croatina, Barbera, Uva rara, Riesling italico and Pinot nero, from which we produce DOC and IGT wines: the reds - Barbera, Bonarda, Buttafuoco, Croatina and Sangue di Giuda, and the whites - Riesling Italico, Moscato and Spumante.

In January 2013 we opened the Centro Enoculturale Tenuta Calcababbio, where it is possible to taste and buy our wines, or attend seminars and courses in an elegant and welcoming setting.

The original farmhouse, restored with care, offers bed and breakfast hospitality, with three double bedrooms.

Throughout the year we will be organizing exhibitions and photographic, artistic, literary and culinary competitions, all linked with the world of wine and life in the Oltrepo’ Pavese. The
programme of events will be published on our website and on our Facebook page.

It is easy to reach Tenuta Calcababbio from Milano, Piacenza and Voghera and there are a number of interesting historical towns, museums and churches to visit in the area. You will fine suggestions for day trips and visits in the area on our Facebook page.


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